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December 2008

Dear Susan,

It has been 6-7 years since I last e-mailed you on Tara's progress (gray & white - born June 17, 1998 - female of Little One).  I am thrilled to report she is peacefully sleeping next to me and we feel blessed everyday with her.  She did have some cancer at 5 and we were fortunate to catch it very early.  She had a follow up with specialists who we have seen a few times with any suspicious lump or skin abnormality.  When she first had the cancer, I prayed to God she would see 10 years old; having passed her 10th birthday in June, I now asked for at least 12 years old.  Tonight my husband, Richard, found her puppy tape which we thought we had lost.  We smiled as we remembered watching that tape to pick our "perfect puppy."  What I believe now is that all your puppies are perfect as I often check your website and it makes me smile.  We just feel so fortunate to have Tara and I thought I should thank you for the special gift you have and you share with others.  I wish you and your family a blessed and wonderful Christmas season and a happy and healthy new year!!!


Ann Marie and Richard

New Jersey

“What I believe now is that all your puppies are perfect as I often check your website and it makes me smile.”

Ann Marie, New Jersey

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Denali as a pup.



January 2009

Dear Susan,

Kaze is doing great. He, of course, thinks he is the boss and the other dogs are his play toys. When he wants to play with the big dogs outside, if they aren’t feeling frisky, Kaze will take their food dish and run with it so they will chase him and play. Everyone remarks on his beauty. I get a lot of questions about him at PetSmart when we take him, so I tell everyone to look up your web site.



January 2009

Dear Susan,

Prior to Denali, there must have been a hole in our lives that she has now so beautifully filled. She is one of our best behaved of our six pets. She shares a behavior with our 14-year old Kiva (whom we also got from you). Whenever I hug Kiva, she puts her head under my chin and presses up, as if returning my hug. Denali does the same thing! Denali was added to the three on the sled last week and she happily ran for a half mile. It was great! Thank you for all that you do to make such wonderful puppies.



Ayla and Phantom

January 2009

Dear Susan,

Rowdy is a wonderful dog. He is enjoying New York life, walks in Central Park and he is a big hit at our local dog run where he terrorizes all the pampered New York smaller breeds. I have included a photo of Rowdy at 12 weeks of age. He is much bigger now. His aunt Chakka (whom I also purchased from you) loves him and keeps him in line. It is pretty funny to watch.


New York, New York

January 2009

Dear Susan,

Ayla has such a wonderful and sweet personality. We know it came from your handraising your pups. Here is a photo of Ayla and Phantom (who recently died). Ayla, too, is grieving and every night goes to bed with us carrying her stuffed animal and just “cries” for about 10 minutes. She never did that until after Phantom’s death. She is truly amazing in sharing her grief with us for our dear lost companion. I look forward to more wonderful family members from your “pack.”




January 2009

Dear Susan,

Just wanted to check in. We got our good buddy, Thor, from you way back in ’97. Last year Thor developed glaucoma and lost an eye. Because of his age (11 in February), the doc is hopeful that Thor will keep his eyesight for the remainder of his life. At some point, hopefully many years from now, I’ll be contacting you about another dog. Thor has been the greatest dog I could ever imagine. We relocated from Alabama to Indianapolis earlier this year. Thor loves the snow!




January 2009

Dear Susan,

My husband Jon and I purchased a beautiful husky from you about 10 years ago. Natasha was the most wonderful dog we could have asked for. Natasha made multiple moves with us (we are in the military) and she seemed to take to wherever we went. However, she seemed to be in her element here in Utah. We had a very difficult time getting her inside once the first snow fell. Natasha passed away last October. She was healthy all her life. Jon and I just wanted to say thank you for the care you take in your breeding and for trusting us with her. She is truly missed.



Cody Boy was a Florence Morning Star Kennel husky.

Visit Frank’s web site and enjoy his gluten-free cooking show!


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Denali and Kai lead the pack!

P.S. I think these mushing pics look really neat. They don't show our lengthy periods of frustration when Kai decides to suddenly stop and smell something "juicy" on a branch and everyone crashes into him in a tangle. Or when no one seems to hear me and I stand on the brake for 5 minutes asking them to turn. Or when Kai and Denali decide, on their own, to do an about face and visit with the dogs behind them. Yes,  I love these pictures! They are the moments I choose  to remember and share. We will just keep working on the basics.

Kai and Denali in the lead.

Cody Boy was a Florence Morning Star Kennel husky.

Visit Frank’s web site and enjoy his gluten-free cooking show!

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