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Some frequently asked questions about Siberian huskies.

How big are Siberian huskies as adults?

Although there is no longer a weight standard, a female Siberian husky normally weighs from 35-50 lbs and usually is 21 inches or less at the shoulder. Male Siberian huskies range in weight from 45-60 lb and not taller than 23 1/2 inches at the shoulders. Some huskies are larger, even as much as 70 lbs. If you see a dog that looks like a husky but is very large - 100 lbs or so - that dog is probably an Alaskan Malamute.

Do huskies get along with cats?

Siberian huskies are classified in the Working Group.  The breed was developed for cooperation with other animals and people. Huskies love companionship, be it animal or human. A full-grown husky, especially an intact male, can sometimes be territorial, especially with another male dog. If a husky puppy is raised with a cat, there should be no problem. As with all dogs, however, introducing a cat or a kitten to a grown dog should be done with caution.

Are huskies hard to train?

Siberian huskies have a wonderful, sweet temperament. They are usually friendly and outgoing. As a result, they do not make good watch dogs. They do not bark much but they do howl occasionally.  They are high-energy dogs and need plenty of exercise.  A fenced yard is just about a must. They dig, they’re escape artists, and they like to roam. We can advise you on how to make your yard escape-proof.  Siberians are highly intelligent and easily bored. Training should be done in short periods, not in long sessions. 

How long do huskies live?

Siberian huskies are medium-size dogs. Their average life expectancy is 12 years.

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